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5on Google,Nov 30, 2023


New patient visit today. This was the most professional, friendly, and efficient dental practice I have ever encountered. From the front desk check-in, I felt welcomed as a valued patient. Sheila, my dental assistant, took all of the x-rays and introduced me to my Dentist, Dr Ham. He took the time to talk with me, and I did not feel rushed or pressured. After a very thorough oral examination, we discussed some reasonable and well-considered future treatment options. Finally, my Dental Hygienist, Janis, performed the most comfortable and comprehensive cleaning I have ever had.I am very fortunate to have "landed" here in Oro Valley, and have found my dental practice for life! Absolutely the best, period.

5on Google,Nov 29, 2023


Very considerate, caring attention from Hygienist after thorough cleaning. A very modern, office with great staff.

5on Google,Nov 29, 2023


Young energetic office. I’m happy to report that Dr Hamm was great. I will be recommending Dr Hamm to my friends & family.

5on Google,Nov 29, 2023


Friendly, professional and efficient

5on Google,Nov 27, 2023


Another great experience with OVDG. See you again soon. I really like the membership plan.

5on Google,Nov 24, 2023


From the moment I entered the office, I was welcomed. I had completed the forms ahead of time and was brought into the clinical room quickly with very friendly staff. The dentist, Dr Avers, was thorough as was the hygienist. Some suggestions were made on ways to improve the few issues that were found - none of which were increased treatments from them. I am happy I made the change from my prior dental office.

5on Google,Nov 23, 2023


These folks are awfully good. Competent, professional, friendly, efficient - I can't say enough about them.I have had some bad experiences elsewhere with dentists trying to sell treatments I didn't need, and that is something that always worries me. Happily, my experience here was just the opposite.The tag line on their site is "Good, honest dentistry", and that is something they live up to.

5on Google,Nov 22, 2023


Everyone are so very nice and friendly it’s like family taking good care of you. I have no doubt my dental needs are in good hands.

5on Google,Nov 21, 2023


Well trained staff. They are personal and attentive to my needs. They back up their work and waste no time getting you back to the office if emergencies arise or adjustments are needed.Financially they have proven themselves to be accountable and honest with their customers, I would highly recommend these people, they have earned my trust.

5on Google,Nov 21, 2023


I had a tooth extracted in August and had a common experience of a shard that came through a few month's later through my gum and poke my tongue right before Thanksgiving! I got a super fast appointment and was in and out in 10 minutes. Yes, great service by Dr Lacy as always, BUT, my favorite part about this practice is that the positive energy is so amazing as soon as you walk in the door! Laughter and amazing staff!

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 20, 2023

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