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ClearCorrect clear braces are a popular alternative to traditional fittings. Custom-made, clear aligners exert gentle but firm pressure to straighten your teeth for the perfect smile. If you want expertise to match a stellar product, choose Oro Valley Dental Group for ClearCorrect in Oro Valley, AZ.

Many patients prefer clear braces over traditional wire braces because these fittings are almost invisible on your teeth. It won’t be a hindrance to your widest smile at your next photography shoot.

Since it is easier to brush and floss and not limited by dietary restrictions, ClearCorrect also gives much freedom in meal plans and daily routine. You can eat anything you crave without wondering how it will affect your braces.

Some traditional braces can be painful as the mechanism shifts teeth. Wires may also become lodged in hard-to-reach positions within the mouth. ClearCorrect is much simpler to monitor and doesn’t hurt.

These fittings have no brackets or wires, so the inside of your mouth is protected from hard or sharp surfaces.  It also skips the elastic, which can restrict normal mouth movements.

How Do ClearCorrect Clear Braces Work?


Our dentists use a phased therapy approach for ClearCorrect in Oro Valley, AZ. In each phase, we’ll fit a new set of clear aligners for you. It goes directly on your top and bottom teeth.

To create ClearCorrect clear braces, our technicians make an impression of your teeth and customize the aligners. You’ll receive a new set every few weeks.

After each phase, you should notice that your teeth are a little straighter. The length of treatment varies, depending on the level of teeth misalignment. ClearCorrect therapy usually lasts over several months (up to a year).

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ClearCorrect Oro Valley AZ

Who Should Get ClearCorrect Clear Aligners?

Visit our office if you’re interested in ClearCorrect in Oro Valley, AZ. You will be able to discuss your options and see whether clear aligners are right for you.

At your initial appointment, our dentist will assess whether your teeth require braces or an alternative treatment. Typically, we treat teenagers and adults with ClearCorrect, but we can use this to correct teeth in children under certain circumstances.

ClearCorrect clear braces treat:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites

What Are the Benefits of ClearCorrect Clear Braces?

  • Affordable: We use a phased treatment approach and several ClearCorrect therapy application options to fit your budget. ClearCorrect braces appear under most insurance plans as orthodontic benefits.
  • Convenient: Patients with clear aligners spend less time at the dentist than for traditional braces.
  • Removable: You can take out these braces before you eat, which makes them quick to clean.
  • Undetectable: The aligners are thin and inconspicuous tray-like structures.

 Call (520) 340-6508 or fill out our contact form to talk to our dental experts for the perfect smile with ClearCorrect in Oro Valley, AZ.

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