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Dr. Ryan Lacy – dentist in Oro Valley, AZ, grew up down the street from Oro Valley Dental Group in the neighborhood of Copper Creek. While there, he attended the local schools of Wilson, Ironwood Ridge High School, and eventually attended the University of Arizona in Tucson. While at the University of Arizona he was involved in a variety of clubs, including the same ultimate frisbee team Dr. Sean Ham was a part of. After graduating from the University of Arizona he was accepted into The University of Colorado’s School of Dental Medicine in Denver, Colorado. There he spent the next 4 years of his life learning dentistry, enjoying snowboarding and marrying his high school sweetheart Alana Lacy. After completing school, Ryan and Alana returned to Arizona where Ryan began working as an associate at Canyon Lakes Dental in Mesa.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys outdoor sports such as snowboarding and hiking. When he’s not participating in winter sports in the mountain, he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee. Just like Sean, he has played for the professional Ultimate Frisbee team out of San Diego for the past 3 years, the San Diego Growlers. He has competed across the country, flying to various destinations to play Ultimate Frisbee in front of home crowds. Ryan is also an avid sports fan. During Ryan’s downtime, you can find him rooting for all Arizona sports teams, but especially the University of Arizona’s Basketball team.

Finally, Ryan and Alana recently welcomed their first son into the world in November 2020, Asher. Ryan and Alana have been enjoying being new parents and are excited to raise Asher in the community that helped raise them. Dr. Ryan Lacy is very excited to give back to Oro Valley and connect with the residents that he has missed since leaving the area.

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Dr. Ryan Lacy - Dentist in Oro Valley AZ

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