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Clear aligners are an excellent alternative to traditional braces for straightening teeth. For orthodontic services in Oro Valley, AZ, call our professionals at 520-594-0643.

Are you looking for a solution to straighten your teeth but don’t want to wear traditional wire braces? Consider clear braces for mild to moderate teeth misalignment on your next stop for top-rated orthodontics.

At Oro Valley Dental Group, we offer two types of these innovative clear aligners—Invisalign® and ClearCorrect®. Both options guide your teeth into position over time, but the benefit of being virtually invisible in your mouth is not the only great aspect of this new technology.

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What Are Clear Aligners?

Invisalign and ClearCorrect are the industry’s leading clear aligner products. Custom-made, clear aligners place gentle pressure on your teeth to realign them into the correct position.

Clear aligners slip directly over your top and bottom teeth, unlike traditional braces that clip on with screws and wires. Invisalign and ClearCorrect are strong and safe plastic material, molded to fit your teeth perfectly at each phase of treatment.

How Do Clear Aligner Treatments Work?

Our team creates your first aligner by taking an impression of the teeth. You’ll wear that custom-made aligner for several weeks before our dentist calls you in to replace it with a new mold.

The process repeats, fitting you with a new clear aligner to match your teeth as each area of the mouth moves into the correct position.

You’ll notice an improvement in your teeth each time you receive a new aligner, and it is discreet. The length of treatment varies, but it usually ranges from a few months to a year.

Throughout the treatment phases, our professionals will conduct regular exams to ensure that your smile goals are on target.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, clear aligners are as effective as metal braces in correcting misaligned teeth. However, patients who wear clear aligners are less likely to get mouth irritations.

While metal braces are obvious, clear aligners are virtually undetectable to outsiders admiring your newfound confidence.

Other benefits include:

● Convenience: You will spend less time at the dentist than you would with traditional braces, and your appointments will be shorter.
● Removable: Only the dentist can remove traditional braces, but clear aligners are easy to do yourself at home. Patients usually remove these fittings to eat and brush their teeth. You only have to wear the aligner between 20 and 22 hours per day, so you could remove them for special events.
● Easy maintenance: Removable features mean the cleaning is easy. Rinse or soak your clear aligner anytime.

Contact us today for more about clear aligners in Oro Valley, AZ. The dentists at Oro Valley Dental Group are happy to discuss the benefits and options for both ClearCorrect and Invisalign at 520-594-0643.


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