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Teeth Whitening in Oro Valley AZ

Our community of Oro Valley, AZ, residents love their coffee and other potentially smile-staining foods, which may translate into some slightly discolored smiles over time. If you love to laugh but are embarrassed about yellowing, why not consider teeth whitening in Oro Valley, AZ?

If you are skeptical about how effective teeth whitening can be, check out our customer reviews for some first-hand testimonials.

Why Do Teeth Change Color?

Teeth contain bone and enamel, both of which are sensitive to environmental factors and natural factors such as aging. Even a perfect oral hygiene routine cannot protect your teeth from darkening and staining over time.

Environmental factors can speed up the staining process. Some drinks—especially coffee, wine, and tea—contain tannins, which seep into the enamel and cause discoloration. The tar found in cigarettes is also a big culprit since it can cover the teeth and leave a yellowish tinge.

Surprisingly, some medications can also affect your tooth color. Anti-allergy and high blood pressure medications can increase the rate of discoloration and staining.

Since most stains tend to affect the outermost layer of tooth enamel, there are plenty of ways to counteract the effects of discoloration. One of the most common is bleaching, which helps remove stain-causing chemicals and restore your teeth to their normal whiteness.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth?

The teeth whitening process uses chemicals to produce the desired results, which is why using over-the-counter products can cause extreme sensitivity and tooth damage.

The process that we use at Oro Valley Dental Group is entirely safe, though some people report mild sensitivity after the procedure. This sensitivity is not due to tooth damage but to a temporary softening of the dentin layer under the tooth enamel. Soft dentin can cause nerve sensitivity, which will fade when the dentin hardens back to its normal form.

The overuse of whitening products can start to wear away at your enamel and affect your gum health. We strongly recommend only using products recommended by our dental team or visiting our clinic for an in-house procedure.

If tooth whitening is not enough to bring back your radiant smile, get in touch with us to discuss alternative options.

Our Teeth Whitening Process

We use an in-office whitening system that relies on chemically activated hydrogen peroxide gel to achieve your desired results.

The process takes around an hour to complete, during which you can relax in our chair. Our whitening expert will apply the gel and activating agent for maximum effectiveness. Once the bleaching process is complete, we will apply a fluoride gel to toughen up the dentin layer and prevent hypersensitivity.

For people who do not have time to sit in a chair for an hour, we also offer take-home treatments. Your dentist will explain how to use and apply these products appropriately for excellent results. Learn more about our veneers service.

Tooth whitening in Oro Valley, AZ, does not have to be inconvenient or unpleasant. Get in touch with Oro Valley Dental Group at 520-297-2227 or fill out our contact form to book your session today.


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