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There are two types of extraction: simple and surgical. We perform simple extractions if the tooth has fully erupted from the gums by taking it out in one piece. On the other hand, surgical extractions involve cutting through the gums, sometimes the bone, to remove the tooth. In some cases, we need to extract the tooth in portions.

Why Would a Tooth Have To Be Extracted?

Cavities and Decay

There are several reasons for teeth removal, the most common one being dental cavities. Severe decay occurs when the inner part of the tooth, past the enamel, starts to deteriorate. Extraction and replacement are the best options when a repair is out of the question or when we have to treat a periodontal disease like Gingivitis.


Teeth also have to be extracted when there is overcrowding. Young people tend to get this procedure in preparation for braces. Extraction, in this case, prevents misalignment. In some instances, we also take out baby teeth when they do not fall out naturally.


Lastly, tooth removal is necessary to correct impaction, which generally happens when wisdom teeth do not fully erupt. The surgeon will take them out to lower the risk of infection and prevent damage to the surrounding teeth.

Before the Procedure

Prior to the extraction, the oral surgeon might advise the patient to stop or switch to other blood-thinning medications to lessen bleeding during the procedure. In some cases where an infection is present, the doctor could prescribe antibiotics to treat the pain and swelling. The doctor and the patient will also decide upon the type of anesthetic to administer during the operation.

An X-ray of the patient’s tooth has to be taken and assessed by the surgeon to study its key aspects, including:

  • Size
  • Depth
  • Shape
  • Position

Having a blueprint of the tooth significantly reduces the risks of encountering unexpected issues during the operation.

During the Procedure

When the anesthetic sets in, the surgeon will remove the tooth in one or several pieces based on its position. If it is a less invasive procedure where a local anesthetic was opted for, the patient may feel some pressure around the area but not pain.

After successfully removing the teeth, sutures might have to be applied to close the wound. In all cases, patients have to gently bite down on a piece of thick gauze to absorb the blood and promote healing.

After the Procedure

The aftercare for tooth extraction is straightforward. The patient needs to keep the extraction area undisturbed and free of irritants, which means avoiding:

  • Hot and hard food
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Excessive rinsing
  • Smoking

The doctor might prescribe painkillers to lessen the patient’s discomfort if necessary.

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